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Christie's property from Corse Prestige Immobilier : Bollelaan 22

Bollelaan 22

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The Zuiderhof estate, Bollelaan 22, Naarden

A truly extraordinary estate in Het Gooi's finest lush and private setting.

Much of what makes Het Gooi such a beautiful and coveted region is reflected in the amazing features of this private estate. Over a century ago, workers dug up the sand deposits here and removed the excavated sand via waterways constructed for the purpose. These changes in the landscape created the beautiful meadow and expanse of water that now define the spectacular views from the estate's terrace.

Laren-based architect Jan Rebel was commissioned by the Dudok van Heel family in 1928 to build a manor house in traditional English style. A gorgeous park garden featuring stairs, retaining walls and a pond was added around the house, designed by Naarden-based garden and landscape architect Tersteeg. Various details of the original designs for the house and surrounding garden were lost in the decades that followed. However, the current owners gradually restored the manor house with love and care from 1996 on.

In addition, garden and landscape architect Wim Verzantvoort restored the park and its beech-lined paths to their original glory, adding hedges, curving plots of rhododendrons, and meticulously positioned solitary trees - and ensuring that the new and improved design for the garden will be low-maintenance.

The result was so extraordinary that the park is one of the six gardens listed in the official national register of historic villa gardens of residential delight, including a manor house with thirteen rooms, stables, a dressage schooling arena, a swimming pool and a tennis court. In the gorgeous park gardens with the terraces angled to catch the sun, you’ll enjoy the great view overlooking the meadows, water, park and forest.

From Amsterdam, it’s just 25 minutes by car to the private driveway leading to your estate. Even at that point, it will instantly be clear that you’re in ‘the countryside’. Curving off to your left in the forest, the driveway leads to the manor house several hundred meters away. Once you pass through the access gate, operated by remote control, the forest gradually fades into parkland and the manor house with its private swimming pool and the circular forecourt and ornamental fountain come into view. The park surrounding the manor house features gorgeous paths lined in beech trees dating back over a hundred years. This is the ultimate welcome home.

The manor house, spacious yet intimate and clearly structured.

The manor house was designed as a real family home with more than enough room for a large family, including guest accommodations (which also offer the option for housing an au pair) in a separate part of the manor house beside the garage. The structure of the façade is beautifully symmetrical, reflecting the clear and logical structure of the inside of the house.

Ground floor:

The centrally located arched front door, with a generous overhang, opens onto an elegant marble vestibule which provides access to the central hallway. All the ground-floor rooms can be accessed from the hallway.

The left wing features a gorgeous study done entirely in English manor house style, with wood panelling, exposed ceiling beams, a working fireplace and a loggia. The main study is accessed through a reception area, which also provides access to a second study at the front of the house. Beside the study, right across the hallway, the huge living room has a gorgeous mantelpiece and a stunningly beautiful row of windows with French doors opening onto the terrace, which offers a view of the extensive gardens and the estate stretching for hundreds of meters.

In the right wing of the house, beside the living room, we find the dining room which offers access to the garden room and the spacious farmhouse kitchen, which can also be reached from the hallway. The kitchen also offered access to the adjacent patio, with outdoor stairs leading to the cellars situated under the kitchen area; the cellars can also be accessed from the indoor stairs leading down from the cellar door in the kitchen.

Guest accommodations:
All the way to the right on the ground floor, the guest accommodations can also be accessed via the garage and the patio. These completely independent living quarters have a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom on the floor above.

Located in the grand hallway and clearly visible from the living room, the gorgeous three-story staircase made of oak features vertical leaded-glass windows with stained glass artwork of the names of the six municipalities of Het Gooi.

The upper floors:

The manor house has four bedrooms on the first floor, including the vast master bedroom with its own private bathroom offering a superb standard of luxury, and a delightful loggia overlooking the estate. The second bedroom also has a spacious balcony with a view of the estate. A third and fourth bedroom and a second bathroom take up the rest of the first floor. A staircase leading to the second floor provides access to three more spacious bedrooms, another bathroom and two large storage rooms.

Zuiderhof, nature reserve and recreational area.

Besides enjoying the gorgeous nature surrounding the manor house, your estate also offers ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as swimming, tennis and long walks. Horseback riders will also find everything they need for their equestrian practices in the gorgeous stables, built in the same style as the manor house, as well as the expansive meadows and a professional dressage schooling arena.

In short…

Featuring a gorgeously varied landscape, this equally stunning manor house in excellent condition has clearly been inhabited by people with a passion for its unique character, its countless options for residential use, stables, dressage arena, swimming pool and tennis court, unique park garden.

While offering complete privacy, the estate is within easy cycling distance of schools, shops and all the good things that Het Gooi has to offer.

The Zuiderhof estate is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - and is unlikely to be on the market for long…

9 chambres | N/A salle de bains / salle d’eau | surface : 787 m²

Price: on request

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Living area

787 m²

Superficie propriété

769 m²

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Salle de bains / salle d'eau




Swimming Pool