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Christie's property from Corse Prestige Immobilier : 541 Route 148

541 Route 148

Référence CHR_3326876

Imagine…. A 305 Acre Lakefront Estate set back above your own 30 acre lake boasting a center depth of 50 feet and teeming with fish just waiting to grab whatever your hook has to offer. Drive or helicopter into this private setting promising solitude and tranquility one cannot find …even on an island, save for the teeming wildlife! Miles of roads, paths and trails traverse this picturesque property perfect for ...well then again,…what's it not perfect for? How about a lush golf course? Does anyone have their own 18 hole course? You could. Or maybe an Equestrian property or solar farm? Consider campgrounds or agricultural use. Excellent soils provide lots of option including subdivision for up to 60 homes. How about a hunting and fishing social club? When you choose to mingle, your midway between New York and Boston and even closer to the casinos. Come to think of it…Why not one here? But let's get back to PRIVACY If you're someone who likes the company of some select friends and or family you might consider a compound setting. With 305 acres you won't have to worry about looking into someone's windows…or them looking into yours. Tests have been completed throughout the property confirming unlimited potential to locate homes for those select relatives and friends.

chambres | N/A salle de bains / salle d’eau | surface : N/A m²

Price : 5,347,109 Eur

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Living area

N/A m²

Superficie propriété

1,230,245 m²

Nombre de chambres


Salle de bains / salle d'eau




Swimming Pool